Our Services

Whether you want to buy, rent, sell or invest, our services will save you time, resources and money. With a full array of services at our fingertip, we are well positioned to meet your every real estate needs.

Real Estate Agency

Our Estate agency department consists of two units:- sales and letting.

The sales unit assists individuals, organizations and corporate bodies to sell or purchase properties, including financial institutions that may want to dispose or foreclose properties either by auction or private treaty.

The letting unit assists prospective tenants to source for and lease all types of properties. This unit also assists property owners in letting and selection of quality tenants for their vacant properties.

Property Marketing

Our marketing entails a large array of techniques to ensure properties in our portfolio reach the largest possible audiences. We know that people’s investment behaviour is never constant and real estate investment market is ever dynamic, hence, we go beyond conventional method of advertisement, by also adopting contemporary methods including internet marketing with the primary objective of giving maximum exposure to our properties on offer.

At BLUEHEDGE REALTORS, we have the knowledge, resources and expertise to market properties aggressively, to negotiate better deals, and to ensure our clients wind up with the best possible deal.

Auction can be defined as the public sales of property conducted by means of oral or written exchanges between the Auctioneer and the members of the public. The exchanges include expressions that consist of series of bidding for the purchase of goods, livestock, art and antiques, real estate, machines and other form of chattels made available by Auctioneer and offer made by members of the public, culminating in the acceptance by the Auctioneer of the highest offer made by a member of the participating public. Auction is essentially the sales of various types of goods, be it household and industrial goods, such as industrial equipment, beddings, furniture, utensils, etc or office furniture and properties and other moveable and immovable goods such as light and heavy vehicles/ equipment to the public at a designated public venue.

It also means sales through competitive bidding to the highest bidder. This is done in a transparent manner devoid of corrupt and sharp practices to be acceptable to all. It is the best form of achieving true monetary value for any form of goods and properties in most developed and developing parts of the world.

At BLUEHEDGE REALTORS, we have the training, experience, expertise and license to carry out auctioneering throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and we always ensure to get the best value for our clients in this regard.

Valuation for all purposes

Valuation involves the determination of the value or worth of an interest in property for a particular purpose at a particular time. It is necessary to carry out periodic revaluation of assets/ properties due to sporadic increase in prices occasioned by the unstable exchange rate.

We offer in this respect professional opinion of value on land and buildings, plant and machinery, furniture, fittings and equipment, and other real estate assets for various purposes to enable quality decisions by our client on various issues. These include mortgage valuation in securing loans and grants, sales and purchase of properties to determine the amount a property would go for in the open market when one needs to sell or buy such property, insurance valuation for payment of premium/ limit of claims, valuation for compensation payable in the event of compulsory acquisition by government, valuation for merger and acquisition when it becomes imperative for two or more companies to merge/ expand their market or production base in order to achieve higher returns, auction reserve to fix the reserve price in an auction sale, rating and taxation to determine the levy to be paid on a property, amongst others.

Feasibility and Viability Appraisal

We provide pre-investment appraisals of real estate development projects to determine the feasibility and viability of the project. Feasibility studies examine the practicability and possibility of the project from the legal, physical and social point of view, while viability appraisal is concerned with the profitability of the project.

A feasibility and viability appraisal provides a comprehensive and detailed assessment of the market, operational, technical, managerial and financial aspects of a project. The outcome of the study usually leads to any of the three under-listed decisions: – decide that the project is viable and then move forward with it – decide to do more study and or analyze additional alternatives – decide that the project is not viable and abandon it.

Essentially, feasibility and viability appraisal function as the interface between conception and reality. They link the planning set of the project tasks-identification, formulation and preliminary design with the action oriented tasks-selection and approval, activation, implementation, handover and evaluation. The conclusions of the feasibility and viability studies outline in depth the various alternatives examined and the implications, strengths and weaknesses of each. It thus helps to narrow the scope of the project to identify the best investment.

Real Estate Development

Our real estate development department engage in acquisition of suitable sites for new development, existing properties for redevelopment, and rehabilitation of old properties to meet current functional requirements and contemporary appeal.

We have skilled and experienced professionals and artisans that are capable of undertaking residential and commercial property schemes.

Real Estate Advisory

Real estate is a complex venture requiring specialist knowledge, multidisciplinary skills and demonstrated experience. Underestimating this complexity has often resulted in huge financial losses, unrealised dreams and, in some cases, total loss of investment among other consequences. Individuals and corporations aspiring to invest in real estate can have their positions significantly enhanced for success by securing sound advisory services.

Our Advisory Group can help achieve exceedingly great success and value when we partner with you on your real estate initiatives. We have the pedigree to do this, as our personnel comprise people with deep knowledge and skills, as well as extensive experience in various areas of real estate development.

Search & Verification

We can also assist you to carry out land searches and verify house papers, titles and other relevant documents to avert any case of fraud of which real estate transactions is known for in this part of the world. Whatever you are buying, it is important you verify claims of the seller from relevant government agencies and authorities, so you can be guaranteed peace of mind after purchasing your property. Speak with us to see how we can help.

Project Management

Our project management team ensures delivery of fully satisfying projects vis-a-vis quality of finishing, performance of facilities, timing of project and cost-in-use. We motivate and co-ordinate all building participants to achieve project completion in record time and within budget. As project managers, we lead the development team, co-ordinating the functions and activities of all other members of the team including the main contractors.

Our service in this area does not stop, but continues after completion of the project. With the unique experience garnered from managing properties over the years, detecting design features likely to cause management and maintenance problems are easily spotted out. We are therefore, well positioned to advice against these at the design stage if appointed as Project Managers.

Property and Facility Management

Property and Facility management is of great significance to organisations of all kind. It has become the focus for the purpose of achieving best value and customer satisfaction within the management of supporting services. Well-managed services enable an organisation to function at its most effective and efficient level, offering real added value improvements to the organisation’s core business.

We specialize in the management of residential, commercial and industrial properties. We ensure that our clients sit back and enjoy the fruit of their investment, while we take responsibility over: Choice of quality tenants, achieving best market rents, negotiating and payment of local, state and federal property taxes, preparation and execution of lease and tenancy agreements, including renewals and pre-vacation inspections, administration and ensuring prompt settlement of service bills such as electricity, water and refuse collection for multi-tenanted properties, security, insurance and repairs/ maintenance.

These among others are some of the many management services our clients enjoy. It should be noted that we do not only manage for the landlords, but also for the tenants. For tenants, we could manage their leases by projecting and protecting their interests in the property and ensuring that they are not harassed by the landlord. As a matter of fact, even where we represent the landlord, it is our belief that a property is well managed only if both the landlord and tenant are happy with the performance of the manager.

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